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It’s hard to explain my decor style. I like nature and all it has to offer. I like simple and neutral colors with random pops of color. And I also like rustic.
Today, I went over to my boyfriend’s grandparents house and they were trimming a tree so of coarse, I brought back some branches twigs.
It looks chaotic but I like it that way. I was never one that liked perfection or too match-y match.
I like getting creative. In whatever way I can.

I found this DIY on Pinterest so I decided to give it a shot.

Luckily I already had everything I needed.

What You Need

  • Jar
  • Plastic animal
  • Paint or in my case spray paint
  • and GLUE (not pictured)

I spray painted the lid and my little plastic animal (I’ve had that little guy since High School—funny story that I should probably skip because it’s not about me but my BFF)

I let them dry for several hours.

Once they were dry I glued the little plastic animal on top.


Don’t you just absolutely love easy DIYs?!

I’m definitely making more later on and I might even use a bigger jar. You can find these plastic animals at the 99cents store or your local Arts and Crafts store.


Palm oil is a common ingredient in many products ranging from chocolate to domestic household products. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that approximately 300 football fields worth of forest are cleared EVERY HOUR for palm oil production. Some companies state that their oil is sustainable, however these figures clearly show us that it is NOT sustainable. Laws allow companies to label their Palm Oil as Vegetable Oil

Palm oil companies set fires to clear large areas of RAINFOREST in a short period of time. This also changes the soil so that only Monoculture palm oil can grow here. Monoculture means no other plants grow in these plantations. All sorts of animals are burnt alive during this process, a slow, agonizing death. Next the land is bulldozed to clear the remaining trees/bushes. The land is then converted and roads built for transportation with animals left disorientated and wondering where there homes have disappeared to. Final stage, palm oil is planted. Do NOT be fooled by how green the land looks, that is the effect of the land being Monoculture. Any animals that are found wandering onto the plantations are butchered, shot, poisoned, locked in cages or taken for the pet trade.

That picture from NASA shows land cleared ILLEGALLY in the Amazonian rainforest to make way for a palm oil plantation. Palm oil is traditionally grown in Indonesia however, as rainforest land is being destroyed on an unprecedented scale, palm oil companies have to search for other places to build new plantations as demand for palm oil from the west soars. Palm oil plantations have popped up in the Congo forests in Africa where the last surviving Gorillas make there final stand. Their homes under threat from logging, mining and the spread of agriculture, now they have palm oil also to deal with. When you buy a product containing palm oil you are supporting this destruction and the illegal activities of ruthless mega corporations. 

The wild orangutan population has declined by aproximately 50% since 1993 (the same time when palm oil started to find its way into our everyday products.) Coincidence? I think not. Also at risk are rare Sumatran tigersThey are a critically endangered species with less than 400 of these left in the wild. Three species of tigers are already extict due to humankind. Rainforest destruction is killing off this beautiful animal. The plantations create fragmented bits of forest for tigers to live in making it difficult for them to find mates and breed. They reduce the prey population. They create roads that run straight through rainforest making it ridiculously easy for poachers to enter what once was dense rainforest. Currently, only a third of tiger territory is protected in Sumatra. Even this means nothing as Indonesian authorities admit that logging is completely out of control.

The Slow Loris is another HIGHLY endangered species that so called ‘Superstar’ Rihanna took a picture with. Many people think they are cute which they are but which also is their downfall. They are caught from the wild and used as exotic pets and for tourists to take pictures with. For the ‘safety’ of customers however, the Slow Loris will have their teeth pulled out  while painfully awake and conscious. The majority of them die from this horrific process from infection or blood loss. Those who live through this, spend the remainder of their lives in captivity in tiny cages. 

Harrison Ford visited Indonesia to film a documentary series and got involved in some of the brilliant rehabilitation work organisations such as SOCP and IAR with endangered orangutans. The visit made him concerned over the future of these amazing creatures and so he questioned the Indonesian government officials over their failure to adequately protect their rainforest. The officials threatened Harrison Ford with deportation.

That picture is of baby Raja the Sumatran elephant. Raja was taken by villagers in Indonesia who were fed up of a herd of elephants coming into their village and eating crops. They chained baby Raja out of frustration hoping to get the Indonesian authorities attention to help with the situation. Raja was completely separated from his mother and family, tied to a pole with a metal chain for days with no food or water before he eventually died of starvation/exhaustion. A terrible, horrific and unnecessary end for this critically endangered Sumatran Elephant Calf. Although inexcusable, villagers are driven to these desperate acts as their only means of food are being taken by the elephants whom are confined to smaller spaces due to their habitats being destroyed for palm oil plantations and are left with less food meaning they wonder on to villages in desperation. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of primary rainforest in Indonesia and Sumatra have been destroyed with more being obliterated everyday. 

“They may threaten and sue us , but the palm oil company is not going to stop our struggle for nature.” Nasako Besingi. For years local communities have been struggling to preserve the intact rainforests of southwestern Cameroon. Herakles Farms, a U.S Palm Oil producer, wants to clear those forests for a huge palm oil plantation.The company is using intimidation and legal action to silence the activists. Herakles Farms has filed complaints against the environmentalist Nasako Bensingi and his organisations for allegedly spreading false claims and informing the affected villagers of their rights. 

Consumers of McVities biscuits complained that the non palm oil biscuits are not strong enough after they have been dunked in a cup of tea and fall apart. So mcVities are going back to their old recipe so people can dunk their biscuits. This is beyond belief. People are happier to support rainforest destruction and species extinction all for stronger biscuits? 

Please self-educate and opt for Palm Oil FREE products. I am scared to imagine what this world will have become in 20 years time if this continues.



(via whocansaywheretheroadgoes)